How To Paint Laminate Furniture With Chalk Paint

Time was when we threw our useful furniture for some kind of problem to its surface or at the edge of it. But now the day has been changing.  Paint may bring the glossy and new look of the furniture. Reading these lines you may be thinking that how it could be possible to make furniture new like before.

Yes, here is a solution for the people who have no afford to buy new furniture or to keep his memorable days with a laminate surface. Here is interesting news that chalk paint can get back your furniture shine and glossy look. You may not be balancing yourself to know the process. Oh, I am very keen to share with you about my past experience of how I made my laminate furniture new like before. But here are s some aspects that you need to read very carefully. If you don’t read it carefully and neglect any part here then it might be an opposite situation when you will paint your furniture with chalk paint.

Before knowing the process you have to know about the chalk paint well; because it is the main ingredient of your painting.

Chalk painting

It is one kind of different paint that has not too much familiarity. It is much more suitable for the surface of laminated. It has a great value to make furniture of laminate shinier. It is soluble to the water and the best type of color can be made from it using different colors with it. It is very easy to use and it is environmentally friendly. It has no bad smell chalk paint can be the best paint for your furniture to paint.

1 ) Find out a brush:

Find out a great brush is one of the most important work for the process of painting a piece of laminate furniture. Using a brush is much important for furniture in every level of work.

2) Wash:

Wash a brush with some kinds of chemicals like thinner or spirit but you have to be careful about not using too many spirits that may be a problem for your furniture.

3) Cleaning and washing:

Cleaning of the dust in the furniture is said to be the first step of the painting. But here you need some sandpaper or scrape of metals. Rub corners of your furniture well to remove all dirt that is hiding to the edges of your furniture and after rubbing you need to clear all corners well by using your old clothes. Old clothes are great for the cleaning of all kinds of fungus and dirt to your furniture.

4) Clear remain dust use spirit:

Spirit is the best solution to demolish all the dust and stains from the surface of your furniture. Use this spirit with the help of old wear.

5) Use the wax first coat of the chalk paint

The first coat of paint is the most important part of the painting. Here you have to make sure about every type of dirt. If any f\dirt present in the furniture edges that might be a cause of harm for the painting so before you giving a paint you have to see every part of the furniture that they are clean or not if you find any fault before giving the first coat of paint then you must put a lot of emphasis on the work of removal of every kind of dirt and pollution from its surface.

You need to be much more extraneous such work. It is there to be new if there is no problem. If so then it is very important to keep alert. When you find no problem then you have to find out the older area and then there you have to give a candle wax or mostly populated wax for the better use of your furniture colors. Every pros and corn should get the wax so that the work getting much easier to do. The wax is very easy to make some wax of candle and a little amount of spirit is enough to make a painting wax. After the layer of wax, you need to scratch the patchy places of the furniture and then to clean it well. If there is any kind of laziness is found that might be a cause to the fade of color after a month but you are to remind that you are doing this work for the renew look of your furniture. So here a big problem might take a big devastating to your furniture.

6) Big time to give a great look to your furniture

If you are thinking the time when you will give the right look to your old furniture then you are thinking the right way because here is a great opportunity for you to discover new for your furniture. It is the final term of your painting and here you have to use the chalk paint for your furniture. It will give your furniture a great look and. you need not to give too much of it just give the first layer to it and the first layer should be thin. You may stay about one or two hours after giving the first coat of chalk paint.

Then after the second layer of the paint, you will not recognize that your old furniture has got a new look and then you will use that word OH ho ho…It has become a shiny and smooth kike before and you then probably thinking that you need not buy new furniture and a simple paint has saved you from the extra expense of money and it will give your house a new look and something great to watch. When you will give a coat then you have to watch every corner of the furniture that it gets the paint well or not.

The works that are given in the following may bring a change to the broken and old type’s furniture that may increase your aristocracy and therefore I am happy to share these steps with you that I experimented to my house using chalk paint.

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