Painting Overview – How Many Ways You Can Paint

Painting for a different purpose shows a great time of your mind. You may have different ways to paint but their importance is many that can never be described in words. You may have no idea about painting types but it is very important to show you the way of types of painting. It is an important part of your creativity to know about your world and your imagination.

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But different surface needs different types of paint. The use of paints is also very important to know. You may be new in this profession but want to know more about the effect of painting on different surfaces. I would say your tendency is very important for you to know all about painting. Painting is a creative work that has great recognition for the people. A great painting is recommended and praised by all. So to get such praise from the people we need to know what type of painting is suitable for the different surfaces.

Here is also another thing for you to know about how many ways we can paint. It is very simple for the person who can think from the deep part of their heart and it would be so tough for the person who has a low power of imagination. But you have imagination power but you don’t know about painting that might be a problem for you. Don’t worry here I’m giving a short idea about the types of painting.

Before painting, you have to see the following types very carefully

Initial color:

painting color

Initial color selection is one of the toughest work for an artist for the surface he is going to paint but here is the shortest idea about initial painting is given that he should prefer a primer fast as an initial coat whether it’s a wooden surface or a brick surface he needs to be carefully select here.


Primer is the first step in any kind of painting. It laid a foundation of color on any kind of surface. So it is very important to know about the priming colors. Generally water-based color and oil-based color are suitable for the priming and it gives a perfect sleeper surface that helps to keep the next coat of color much flat and smooth. Latex type paint is mostly liked by the color lover to use at the early level of the painting. Here is no change at the initial level of the work because here at the initial level every type of painting need the same treatment for the surface so latex paint is the best choice for the early level of the surface to give a coat of paint.

Early Coat

The first coat is one of the most important levels of painting because here you may decide that the color you choose is suitable for your house or not, from here the main work of painting begins. Water-based two or one coat is enough for the initial coat of the surface. Here you should show a lot of artful mind for the great use of your surface.

Final coat

After waiting some hours you may prepare yourself for the final stage of the coating. The final coating needs to be very much cautious about the proper use of water-based or the oil-based colors. The final coating has also some types that are described rather firmly in the below.


It is the most used type of ceilings and brick surfaces. Because flat is such a kind of quality painting that will give a perfect looking to your wall or ceiling and it can mix with your walls very nicely. This type of paint is perfect for the surface that has high moisture and a tendency. Flat type painting also suitable for the edge of any surface you can also use this type of painting by spraying. A little bit of water is best for this type of painting.

ii) Oval shell

Oval shell type of coat is most popular with the painting in the interior painting and it lasts longer than the flat type of coating. It is mostly suitable for the surface like wood and the most artistic quality work.

iii) Gloss and satin

It is another most popular for the interior paint of a house. It is very much smooth and silk. It is used on surfaces like wood or a wall. But here the painting needs no mixture of any water. It is not easy to process this type of painting. But here you need to be a great artistic minded and you have to get up your artistic quality and you should use an acrylic type of painting in this type of coating. It is mostly seen in the metal surface that gets rust. So to prevent this type of rusting gloss and satin type of coating is important. Here you need to mix the color with a little bit of thinner or the vinyl.

Water-based and solvent base color:

Water-based colors are latex and acrylic colors and they are great for any surface. They made from pigment and they are environment friendly. The solvent-based colors include the oil-based color and they are made from the extracts of the tree and many other natural worlds.

Special paint

Some surface is critical and rough so for this type of surface we need to do such kind of paint that is really very much different from other paint as a learner you need to know this type of color. For toilet or bathrooms or kitchen you have to select flat qualities paint that cannot give any chance for the fungus to grow. For the floor paint, you need to use a solvent and water-based color.

Metal paint

It is such kind of paint that is a great enemy of the rust so here it can be used surface like marine metals.

In the above, there is a list of coating and paint types are given I  think that might be effective for the person who likes to know every part of the painting.

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