mobiles {decor}

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These mobiles are handmade- they are not mass-produced (which is why they are extra special). Because of this, I donít maintain a large inventory.

Please visit my etsy shop to purchase. Thank you!

{NEW} Thread Drawing Mobiles
Each plush is made from original drawings in thread and silkscreened on cotton twill fabric . They vary in size between 6" x 4" each & the wooden mobile structure is 15"x15"x3". Mobile comes with a card of plenty of kite string so mobile can be adjusted over time. The fabric used on the back is screenprinted by hand on cotton drill by Helen Rawlinson or hemp/organic cotton by Ink & Spindle.

Woodland Creatures- (squirrel, owl, nest, sandpiper) Ink & Spindle fabrics on the back
All About Birds- (raven, sandpiper, nest, owl) Helen Rawlinson fabrics on the back
Chasing Tails - (Macy, German Pointer, French Bulldog, Beagle)- Helen Rawlinson fabrics on back
These are made so that the characters, fabrics, and wood structures may be mixed and matched. Please contact me if you are interested in creating your own mobile.
Plush Mobiles: As seen in: Cookie Magazine & Pregnancy & Newborn-

Flights of Fancy Mobile with Peanut-{MOB-P}- 20" H 24" Wide, by 22" D & plush between 6"-8" big. (51cm x 61cm x 56cm )
Crawling Critters Mobile -{MOB-CC}-20"Hx18"Wx15"D & plush between 6"-8" big
Coy Kitties -Black & White- {MOB-B&W} 20" H 24" Wide, by 22" D & plush between 6"-8" big. (51cm x 61cm x 56cm )

Coy Kitties-Black & White with newsprint fabric back
Flights of Fancy Mobile in Pinks

availability- 3-5 weeks
Each plush is made by hand with wool felt, cotton, and free motion sewing (birds between 6"- 7.5"- much smaller then the single plush). -A wood, egg or cube holds everything together and is topped with a tiny eyehook and a small card holding plenty of extra cord to hang your mobile from the ceiling. It is important to note that these mobiles are handmade with the purpose of decoration rather than made as a toy. Once your child is able to stand up in their crib, please make sure to move the mobile out of his or her reach.
Each mobile listed is $180 each
"Flights of Fancy Mobile" with Peanut-{MOB-P}
availability- 3-5 weeks